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Flair is an online gallery that showcases some of the most creative work submitted by learners across Scotland for Art and Design, Fashion and Textile Technology, and Photography courses in session 2021-22.


It celebrates the diversity and variety of pieces produced by learners across different levels and grades during the challenging circumstances of the Covid-19 pandemic.


Most of the pieces on display were produced by National 4 to Advanced Higher learners. Each piece is accompanied by a statement from the learner, which explains their approach and where they drew inspiration from.

The materials and artworks displayed on this website are published by SQA for the sole purpose of highlighting coursework completed by learners. This coursework was submitted for Art and Design, Photography, and Fashion and Textile Technology courses during session 2021-22, across National 4 to Advanced Higher levels.  The publication of these artworks does not grant or imply any right or licence of any third party to use the artworks, or any material contained within them, for any purpose.


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